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Dating is hard, and when you are looking to date transsexuals and transgender women, it is even harder—whether you stay in Austin or not.

There is the anxiety of meeting someone you do not know or may have never seen. You don’t know if they will like or accept you, and should you struggle with self-esteem issues during this period, your nerves will be all over the place. Add to this the possible dangers that meeting strangers might incur, and it is no surprise that some people have chosen to shy away from it completely.

But you shouldn’t, and if you want to date, you need to know where to go when you’re searching for love in Austin.

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Beware of the Transsexual Classified Scam in Austin !

While the aim is not to debunk these stories as false or totally untrue, beware: 90% of websites or pages specializing in classified ads are scams, this is our observation Austin Trans Dating.

In the first place, classified ads do not necessarily show the faces of the person who is saying they want to be in a relationship. How can you verify that the description given in the ad matches a real person or the person who has placed it? How do you even know who exactly placed the ad?

Also, classified ads do not necessarily verify the person behind the posts before putting the requests up. Unlike dating sites that have put a verification process in place, classified ad sites do not have the safety structure in place.

What this means for you is that while it may be easy to see what exactly you seek, you may end up getting a totally different experience than you bargained for. Worse still, you may end up losing valuables to a scammer whose identity is protected by the anonymity of classified ads.

Dating Site a Sure Value for a One-Night Stand !

As you may have already come to see, dating sites are a better-guaranteed way of meeting your love interest, whether it be in the long-term of a short-term category.

Genuine dating sites are usually secured and would protect your private data. Also, because they almost always mandate all users to fill a complete profile, it is easier for you to compare your choices before committing yourself. You could filter based on interests, appearance, language and your tastes in a love interest.

Better still, you can get genuine one-night stands! Again, only if this is what you genuinely want.

Trans Nextdoor Logo

Trans Nextdoor

Trans Nextdoor is an online dating site that is not particularly geared towards long-term relationships. Instead, it recognizes the fact that just as its users are diverse, so also are their love needs.

Its very modern and clean interface makes it attractive to a younger demographic, while its ease of use and the diversity it promotes make it easier for the older generation. Little wonder, it has thousands of users from all over the world, including—you guessed right—Austin.

With noteworthy features like a webcam chat that gives you quick and easy access to your love interest, as well as a significant number of transsexual women, Trans Nextdoor is a premium site for easy dating, flirting and every other thing in between!

tsDate logo


Another good dating site for transgender dating in Austin is TsDates. Like Trans Nextdoor, this site will allow you to register as a couple if you’re already in a relationship but want a bit more fun and adventure. It is also not for anyone seeking a serious, long-term relationship, and it tells you as much before you register.

Now, even though it does not offer a webcam chat, its private chatroom is a cool feature to look out for. Here, you can host your private chat party, which is a good way to mingle with all your interests in one place before making a final decision. It also has many users, which makes meeting a trans woman for a one-night liaison or short-term encounter easier.

Transgender classified ad : Sex plan or love story ?

As a transgender person, or someone interested in dating other transgender people, you may have come across classified ads of people in this category who say they are looking for love in Austin.

Classified ads are not only on the pages of traditional newspapers: they can also be online on social media pages, where the concept is the same, with the medium being the only different thing here.

Your research may also have led you to success stories from these classified ads, with some swearing by its efficacy, claiming that they met their “forever person” there or connected with a partner with whom they share a very healthy relationship.

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