Signs to recognize an unfaithful trans woman

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    To detect cheating and deception while dating a trans girlfriend isn’t easy, especially when your partner is a very discreet person. Many people don’t even want to know if they are being cheated on because they might not be able to cope with the fallout.

    Being able to tell if your trans woman is cheating and lying to you is important so that you will be able to know your position in the relationship. Here are some signs to recognize an unfaithful trans woman.

    Changes in the behavior of an unfaithful Woman

    When an unfaithful lady starts cheating or having an affair, some signs will indicate that things aren’t right. The problem with most people is that they wave aside these red flags, hoping that it isn’t true.

    She doesn’t let go of her phone

    Photo of young couple having a fight. Girl and her boyfriend had a huge fight the day before valentines day. Maybe he just did not prepared her a present. Or she. Hope they would not break up.

    An unfaithful woman who has her eyes on another person won’t allow you to go through her phone. She won’t let you have access to her messages, call records, and social media accounts. This validates the fact that she has an interest in another man.

    She has more and more work in the evening

    When a lady is unfaithful, she starts having tight schedules in the evening. The time you spend together going on dates and making out in the evening reduces. She starts complaining that she has a tight agenda and is more likely to cancel dates for one reason or another.

    She has called you by a name other than yours. Several times. The same first name.

    When your trans lover starts calling you another name when making love or in other personal times, know that she is seeing someone else. Many men wave aside this red flag because they believe that this mistake is common, however, only naive lovers do this. When you are with one person alone, there is something fishy when they can call you by another person’s name.

    She doesn’t kiss you anymore

    When your woman no longer wants to kiss you or play with you, know that someone else is taking your place. Women are moved by touch, therefore there is a constant need for them to touch their lovers. If she doesn’t want to kiss you, she is kissing another.

    She has mood swings

    Mood swings are popular with personalities who are melancholic. However, if your lover doesn’t have these personalities, or she exhibits frequent mood swings, it is a red flag for an unfaithful partner.

    How to know if she is cheating on me?

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    Unfaithful women and cheaters might be difficult to spot, especially for those who are poor in reading people. However, for peace of mind, it is important to know if your partner is loyal to you and if she still wants to be with you.

    She smells the perfume of another

    Everyone has a distinct smell that you can identify them with. If you are close to your trans woman, you should be able to know which cologne she uses and what she smells like.

    When she starts smelling differently from what you know, then she might be seeing someone else. The new smell might be from her new lover, therefore don’t overlook those issues, be vigilant.

    She wants to spend a weekend with friends, without you

    Weekends are occasions that loved ones should spend together after a tough week. Some use weekends to get to know one another, however, when your woman wants to spend weekends with her friends without you, know that she prefers someone else.

    She has a new passion

    When your trans girlfriend has a different passion from what you know, it could be a sign that she is seeing someone else. The influence people have on one another is underrated, and research has shown that new relationship breeds new passion.

    When your lover changes her passion, it might be someone else pushing her to do so.

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